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How to earn money online using Social Networks

If you are using Internet, you are probably spending some time in social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn, Hi5, Wayn etc. Don't you? You connect with your friends, share pictures and information, following interest groups, make your own groups and pages, playing games and just have fun, but you never get paid for that, right? As you may found in my previous post about one of success habits, connections is a big power. As Russians would say "It’s always better to have 100 friends than 100 rubles (Russian currency)!" Why not to have both friends and money?
Fortunately there are such social networks that will pay you to socialize.
Let's look closer to them:


This well designed social network shares 70% of their advertisement revenue with its users what is about 1147.80$ out of 1639.72$ daily! Not bad, right? You get paid for:
Login to your account – 10 PP (people points) – every 6 hours
Using search option inside your account – 10 PP – every 6 hours
Checking e-mail – 10 PP – every 6 hours
Checking “Make Money” option – 10 PP – every 6 hours
Playing “People lotto” – 10-1000 PP – every 4 hours
Playing “Guess which hand” – 0-30 PP – every 30 min.
Playing “Prize wheel” – 20-1000 PP or 1$-100$ - once in a day
But for those simple actions you can get approximately 3$-5$ per month. Not much, right? Fortunately there is another way how you can earn with PeopleString! If you invite people to this Social Network, you earn 10% of their earnings and if they refer their friends, you earn 3% of their earnings till 6th level down. Let’s imagine you referred 5 people and each of them earned 1.5$:

Partner quantity
Earnings of every partner
Your % of their earnings
Your earnings from level
5 you refer directly
25 (your 5 people refer 5 friends)

Your total earnings: 879.35$
This is approximate earning potential with a bit lazy team, but now imagine how much you will get if you refer more than 5 people!
The best thing with PeopleString: it’s FREE to join and you still get paid being a free member! So it’s risk free for you and for anyone you refer!
Payouts are made when you reach 25$ (for free members once a month, for upgraded – twice a month) via AlertPay, Direct Deposit or US Check.
International members are welcome, but US members have possibility to earn more money (surveys, offers etc.).


Swom is social network for internet marketers and entrepreneurs. It gives you possibility to promote your own money making opportunity and connect with business oriented society. Swom itself is a great opportunity to earn money, because you get paid to refer others to Swom. It’s FREE to join, but to get paid you need to upgrade to Gold (24.95$ monthly) and your referrals should also upgrade. For every referral you get 15$, when they upgrade first time and 5$ each next month as long as they continue to upgrade monthly.
Gold member benefits:
  • Up to 70% in commissions
  • Swom assign referrals (who doesn’t have referrer) to you as a Gold member and you still get your 15$ in first month and 5$ each next month!
  • You get commissions even for your contacts who are Gold (even if you didn’t refer them!)
  • You get paid for upgraded referrals even if they upgrade after 6 month
  • You get free advertising and Swom promotes your profile on their website
  • These are just some benefits of being Gold, for more info visit Swom home page!
Risk free strategy to earn with Swom:

1st month: Refer 5 people during month and inspire them to become Gold (show them all advantages of Gold membership).
5 personally referred x 15$ = 75$
75$ - 24.95$ (your Gold membership) = 50.05$ (your net income)

2nd month: Your 5 people upgrade again x 5$ = 25$ (this is money for your Gold membership). Net profit = 0.05$.
Let’s work a bit more and refer another 5 people!
5 new directly invited referrals x 15$ = 75$ (this time all yours!)
So your total revenue for 2nd month is 75.05$.

3rd month: Your 10 people upgrade again x 5$ = 50$
50$ - 24.95$ (your upgrade) = 25.05$ (net income without doing anything!)

Total revenue for three months: 150.15$

And now imagine what will be if you continue to refer new people to Swom…


MyPage5 pretend to be most financially rewarding social network. They will pay you 5$ just for sign up (it’s FREE)! Then you can make money while doing these simple activities:
Group comment= 5cents (c)
Create blog= 4c
Upload video= 3c
Chat reward= 2c
Blog Comment= 1c
Video comment= 1c
Post classified= 1c
Start topic in a group= 1c
Profile comment= 1c
Upload photo to album= 1c
Photo comment= 1c
Band comment= 1c
If you refer friends to MyPage5 you get 5% of your referral’s daily activities.
The minimum payout is 25$ via PayPal or Check.
Join MyPage5 now!


With you can connect with people, share posts, photos or videos and get points for that. Collected points can be transferred into gift cards or even cash (withdrawal via PayPal)!
How you can get more points with and earn more money?
Share latest popular news or content. As more readers and threads you get with such post, as more points you earn. In addition, if your post is about Sport, Politics, Food, Health, Entertainment or Celebrities, you have all chances to appeal in the news (like Google News)!
Try different products, enter contests or participate in sweepstakes. You get points also for being active on site!
Take surveys or polls. As many other money making opportunities, provides possibility to earn money by taking surveys.
Check Gather Giveaway group to find the list of other activities what bring you points. You are earning points by writing niche articles, joining discussions and doing other things what you already do!
Join Gather now!


ApSense is another social network ready to pay you to socialize! In ApSense you can communicate and make business contacts, promote business opportunities or online stores and surely make money by being active. There are two basic ways to make money with this social network:

Publish content and get % of advertising revenue (advertisements will be placed on your posts). As more traffic you get, as more money you earn (as usual);

Refer others and build your downline. You earn % of their earnings. When somebody you referred collects minimum payout (25$ via PayPal or AlertPay), you get up to 5$! If your referrals upgrade you get up to 50% cash commission!
Join ApSense now!

Didn’t found your favorite Facebook or MySpace in this list? Don’t be upset! I have good news for you: you still can make money using your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. accounts! How? Keep coming back to my blog and you will get the answer in my next posts!

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