Thursday, 26 January 2012

Make money while you sleep. Is that possible?

Almost every day while being on Net you may see such splash pages, ads, reviews or emails telling you: “You can make money even while sleeping!” Most of times most of people would think it’s a lie or just impossible. And they are right. Why? In real life only when you go to work and do your job, you get salary. Your company will get income only when your office, shop or warehouse is delivering products or services. Unless you have such business what works 24/7, it seems impossible to earn while sleeping. I would say this statement is true and false at same time! How?

Let’s see what makes it true:

1.  Globalization. Did you ever thought what happening on the other side of our planet when you are going to sleep? Yes, someone is working! When at your country is night, somewhere is day. What’s in it for you? If you want to earn money 24/7, make it global!
2.  Internet. Did you know that Internet has about 2 billion users? In one second internet users create at least 70 domains, 60 new blogs and 1500 blog posts, 320 new Twitter accounts and 600 tweets, 79364 wall posts on Facebook. All this happening in just 1 second! It happens even while you sleep! For example, when I sleep, amount of my Twitter followers is raising.  Internet without doubt has amazing power and if you want to make money while you sleep, you should bring your business or opportunity there!  
3.  Affiliates. There is safety in numbers! When you are one you can make many things, but even if you are highly effective, you have only 24 hours in a day. If you have a team of 10 people, your 24 hours multiplied to 10 people will give you 240 hours. Not bad, right? That’s a power of team. Even in traditional business you will find distributors, dealers and affiliates, because it’s effective. If you will have a downline (referrals, affiliates, distributors, dealers etc.) and you will profit from them, you may take rest knowing your business or opportunity continue to work.

All these factors work to make you money while you sleep, but there is 2 “but”. It still requires action at time when you don’t sleep. For example, if I don’t tweet and don’t raise amount of whom I follow while I m awake, I may not get even 1 new follower while I sleep. The same thing happens with the sales. To see any results in your business, you need to put some effort in it! Firstly give and then take! Other unfortunate fact I need to remind you: still nobody will pay you for sleeping. Does anybody? So take action while you are awake and don’t forget for what kind of actions you get paid (selling, writing, hand crafting etc.).

If we sum all this facts, the answer will be: No, you can’t earn while you sleep if your business is local, has nothing to do with Internet and you don’t have even 1 dealer and Yes, you can make money while you sleep if your business is global, online and has downline.

Wish you such business which allows you to sleep, spend more time with your family and friends and take vacations!

Sweet money making dreams for all of you!

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