Sunday, 22 January 2012

Earn with blog or website (part 2) Search Engine Optimization

Every website or blog needs visitors other words traffic! Without it no sales and no popularity. You may have a lot of great useful content, but if nobody reads it, there is no value. That's why you will surely need SEO (search engine optimization)!
This guide will show you how to make your website visible for search engine spiders, so your targeted market could much more easily find you on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. as well as you will discover different, but simply ways to promote your home page and increase amount of visitors!
Follow these simple steps:

1. Indexing in Google, Yahoo and others search engines
Of course you can manually submit your website to and other search engines Searchenginez, but since there is better and faster way how search engine spiders could find your site and index it automatically, I will not recommend you submitting your URL to any of search engines.
I would recommend to build backlinks on related websites and social websites like Twitter. You can start from going to Google and search for related to your site keywords (for example, if your website is about earning money, you type "earn money" and search). Then visit all websites and blogs from few first pages and if they allow comments and have do-follow links, you comment on relevant post. More information about backlinks here.

2. Website or blog directories
Use web directories (Freewebdirectories) to submit your website to 40 directories at once!
For blog you can use Avangate and submit your URL to 50 blog directories one by one!

3. Link exchange directories
Sign up with this link exchange directories:
Free Link Exchange  

4. Writing articles to article directories
Write some articles according to your webpage theme and place them to some of these directories: Vretoolbar. At the end of article put a link with your web address and it’s done! Or ask your friends or anybody else to write a review for your blog/website and publish it with the link to your website!
5. Social networks
Publish your URL in your Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn accounts or other.
If you didn’t opened your account in these most popular social networks yet, then do it! You can also make a group there and promote your website or even business through it!
And don’t forget about Twitter! It’s also great opportunity to tell everybody about your website!

6. Email
Put your website URL to your signature, inviting to visit it! For example:
“I made a website about cars, take a look:”

7. YouTube
Record your own video and promote your website with it!

8. Other tricks
Publish new content as frequently as you can. Then your visitors will come back to you again and again as well as search engine spiders to check for updates. This way your position in search engine will change for better! 
Ask good ranked websites (with similar theme) to backlink to yours. If you will do it polite and they will response, then you will find your website on Google much earlier and higher then it would happened by just indexing (first step). Some web resources are open to backlink to you!
For example:
101waystomakemoney - good ranked and very popular website with a lot of good tips to earn money!
 My Blog is listed at AWESOME BLOG LISTING

Don't forget to place their link on your web resource!
Name pictures of your blog by main keywords! For example:
It will help search engine machines recognize your website better!



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Thanks for your comment but I did not get what exactly do you mean by persistent? Can you please clarify more.
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Do you mean: how frequent your website should be updated with new content? There are different views about it. Some specialists advice publish new content daily, but some - at that days when your website gets most traffic, so most of your auditory see fresh content. This way they come back to you again and again for new information, knowing your site isn't abandoned by it's owner. By my opinion more real is second method - publishing new content weekly according to your site stats.
If i misunderstood your question please rephrase it!

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