Sunday, 22 January 2012

Don't waste your time with VideoBB, if you want to get paid

Some time ago i was going to write about VideoBB as paid to post opportunity, but that's good it wasn't done! There was times when it was easy way to make money sharing videos and they was paying to members, but just some days ago all payout options was removed from all accounts and as i found in forums, many members wasn't paid last time.

Unfortunately this situation is not uncommon in online world. Today you have proven system to generate income out of Internet, but tomorrow everything disappears like a dream. Some years ago i was working for one new local MLM company (mostly as translator and administrative person) who was giving big hopes to all staff and affiliates. Probably after PayPal frozen account of the company so they wasn't able to do any payouts, they started to change everything. Firstly payment method, then marketing plan, then all other things. Project was on hold. When i saw what they done with previous marketing plan, i realized it's dead and gone! With this i want to say: even if you are in staff and keep abreast with money making opportunity, it does not mean you control everything! There is no guarantee...

If you have been cheated by any scam or by VideoBB (i don't think they was real scam as they was paying well to everybody before, however they went away very ugly), i feel for you, but please don't be upset. There is a lot of other ways to earn money online and offline. If you didn't found your way yet, this blog (and actually all Internet) exists to help you with it!

N.B. Be careful with any opportunity. Before joining anywhere, make a research about it in search engines! Don't pay for anything before you are at least 99% sure it is worth it!

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Hi there,
I enjoyed your site very much and appreciate your candor in trying to help people from falling into online traps.

Dear Dr P.Poorluk, thanks for stopping by on my blog and best wishes in blogging!

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