Thursday, 1 March 2012

Make money with your video camera and YouTube

It’s not a secret such popular video sharing service as YouTube (listed in top 5 most popular websites) has a huge traffic (100 million daily video views) and where is traffic there is money! Money not just for YouTube, but also for you as it valued user and publisher! Exiting, isn’t it?
More than that, there are few ways to earn money with YouTube, not just one!
Let’s discover them:

       1. Make promotional video for company. Find local company to promote. It could be restaurant, bar, hotel, spa center or anything else what can be easily promoted by video. Perhaps you already know somebody who owns or works in such company. Simply offer them free promotion on YouTube. Yes, yes, free. Don’t worry, this "free" will anyway make you money!
Not every company may allow you to make video on their territory and interview them, but I am sure most of companies will be happy to accept your proposal. Especially when it is free for them!
Then you will make a simple promotional video about product or service this company provides. Include information about special promotions, events, advantages, show attractive atmosphere, competitive features and of course contact info. Be creative while taking video. Try to make it as professional as you can!
After collecting necessary promotional information and taking video, process it with Animoto or any other tool (YouTube also have a lot of processing tools!). At the very end of video include your contact info: “Want similar video for your business, contact me now! __ (your phone number and email)” That is what will make you money!
When your video is ready, upload it on YouTube. Write promotional description of that company service or product. Choose good keywords for your video and include name of location, for example, “restaurant in Boston”. Build some links to your video to make it more popular (write about it in forums or in article directories). You can also tweet, digg it and promote it on Facebook or anywhere else. Then relax and watch your video viewer quantity growth!
Be prepared for orders! Don’t let customers catch you by surprise with such simple questions as: “How much you take for making video?”
If your first video wasn’t terrible (but I think my blog readers are talented people!), you will surely get customers. Perhaps your first customers will be competitors of that company you made video for, as they watch what same field companies do! If one of your promotional videos will result with visible increase of customer activity for one of your client-companies, you may even get permanent job proposal!
Same trick you can do for local branch of any MLM company. They also need such videos, but most of them don’t know how to do it.

       2. Become YouTube partner. No, no, it’s not difficult at all! To qualify your videos should be 100% your creation (audio background too!), you should have AdSense account, your videos should be uploaded regularly and viewed by thousands YouTube users (yes, as more popular your videos are, as more money you could make!). The only thing you should check out before applying is availability for your country. “Currently, the YouTube Partner Program is only available to users in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.” For more info about this program, you can visit YouTube.

       3. Place affiliate links on your videos. Sing up with affiliate program like ClickBank, ShareASale, Neverblue etc. Make a short, but exiting video of any product. Share your affiliate link (but as such links are long and non-memorable, better even to make a simple site dedicated to that product and share link of your site) in video and in description. Promote your video by Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Reddit, Delicious etc. You can also combine this idea with the first one and offer other affiliates same video with their link, not for free, of course!

       4. Promote your online store and items listed in it. Having your own online store or partnering with eBay or Amazon? Make a slideshows (you can use YouTube tools) and promote items what you have in your store on YouTube! Don’t have online store yet? It’s not a problem; find out how to set up your Amazon AStore in minutes! If you produce handmade things like painted postcards, gem stone jewelry, crochet clothes for babies etc., you can also make slideshow with link where to buy it and contact info where to order similar things!

       5. Promote your own website or blog and earn on AdSense advertising. If you already have your site, you can drive huge targeted traffic from YouTube. Firstly find latest popular videos related to your site topic. As soon as possible make video related to those videos you found. Include link to your site. Then upload them on YouTube so people who view those popular videos could click on related videos and find your video. People will visit your site, where you already have enabled advertisements like AdSense, Chitika or other CPC, and click on those ads. No guaranty it will work well like this, but it could work better if it’s combined with other promotional actions (SEO, Facebook page, Twitter, email etc.). By my own experience most CPC programs work well only when you have enough traffic and subscribers. Successful webmasters usually combine CPC advertising with other income sources on their sites. Some successful bloggers even have about 10 different income streams per blog!
So if idea of making money off YouTube inspires you, ebook “How to make money with YouTube” I am giving away will guide you through!  
If this book will be not enough, there is more:

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Nice tips Julia

You Tube surely has given more opportunity for business online

Now i know my camera can get me mony.

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I also sign-up for youtube last month and I was able to earn money from it through their advertisement program. It is really enjoyable to create videos while you also earn.

Thanks for this useful tips. I have YouTube but haven't tried making money out of it. I'm making baby steps as of this writing.

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