Saturday, 3 December 2011

Make money with Amazon AStore as one of the most popular online shops makes big money selling different things. Why we can't do same (?), especially if Amazon gives us such possibility!
Amazon AStore is a part of Amazon affiliate program. Despite of other parts of this program, it doesn't require having your own website or blog (however if you have, it's your advantage). You can start and develop this business without any investment! It's absolutely free opportunity!
You will have your own Amazon website like this Julia's Store and all what you need is just drive a traffic to this website. You choose item categories and design yourself. Setting up such website will take just some minutes (5-10 minutes average)!
This idea is made for you, if:
You don't have much time
You are looking for free money making opportunity
You don't want to deal with logistics yourself
You are thinking about your own independent store

Step by step guide:
1. Step. Create your account on Amazon (it's free).
If you don't have it yet, you can create it here: Sign Up!
2. Step. Create your AStore.
Follow this simple video instructions, to create your AStore:


If you don't have your own website or don't want to promote your AStore via website, then after you click "Finish and get link", choose "Simple link to my store as standalone site".

So now you have your own Amazon website! Congratulations!

But setting up an AStore itself will not bring you money. You need a visitors to your Store. Without visitors (traffic) no sell and without sell no earnings!

3. Step. Drive massive traffic to your AStore.
There are many ways to promote your online store. Let's look at most effective ways:

1. Classifieds. Choose an item what you would like to sell and place your ads on classified sites with direct link to this item. People who are searching for this item will come to this ads sites and find your ad. This way you will get targeted traffic to your website! Place your ads on,,, etc.
2. Squidoo Lenses. Squidoo is like a blog platform. Now it's one of the best ways to be heard on internet. You can create a lens (page) about your store in general, then create other lenses about single items from your store, then link them to each other! 
3. Bookmarking websites. This websites are made to create bookmarks and share them with others. You can bookmark your Astore there too, it will be visible to others too. Bookmarking websites as,, etc. will allow you bookmark not only websites in general, but every page you want to promote!
4. Social news websites. On such websites as Reddit, Digg, Mixx people vote content they like. You can submit your link with content or comment on other people content and include your link to your comment.
5. Commenting and answering. You can comment on other websites or blogs content related to products you have in your Amazon Store and place the links there if it's not forbidden.Comment everywhere you want even on Yahoo news but DON'T SPAM. Try to find what people need and if you have it, just give it to them! Answer on questions on Yahoo answers, but place your link only in appropriate place - in source field!
As i mentioned before there are many ways to drive traffic to your AStore and you will find more here: Search Engine Optimization
Wish you good luck with your new online business!


compare to adsense and affiliate marketing amazon is really a perfect choice because products or items are well known and customers can relate

Good post outlining how to get started working with Amazon. Thanks for sharing:)

I like your posting Julia. Nice to see you.

Amazon is still one of the best for affiliate marketers even the commission is small than others but the products is high demand on the market.

It is a great method how to make money?for more details:Sell on Amazon
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