Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Suggest domain names and get paid!

How do you think are you a creative person? Maybe? But how to make money with it? I am going to show you the way to do it. No website or blog needed, no need to refer anyone, no investment needed, just use your creativity and time!
There is a website named PickyDomains.com, where business owners meet creative people like you! This site clients need your great ideas for naming their companies, domains or giving tasty slogans for their advertising company. For your ideas what they choose you get paid. 
For business owners and marketing people. If you are going to establish your own company, but can't decide the name of it, or you are going to run your own website, but can't find yourself competitive domain name for it, or maybe you need memorable slogan to overcome your competitors, then PickyDomains.com will help to solve your problems. How much does it costs? 50 dollars per domain, 75 dollars per slogan. Other naming and branding agencies would charge up to 120 dollars or maybe even more for same job, so you can also save on PickyDomains! And it's risk free: you pay only if you like the suggestion, but if you don't like any of suggestions, then they will just refund you your money! It's easy to set up an order (takes some minutes), easy to manage (you will get notifications about suggestions waiting for you), possible to change specification and submit new orders, easy to pay (via credit card, wire transfer, Pay Pal, e-check etc.) and refund (if you don't like any idea for your order, simply click Refund button). Are those suggestions really creative? Take a look at some examples: SellersMentor.com - educational website for online sellers, MerchMatch.com - matching service for buyers and sellers, Seomantic.com - SEO tool to analyze semantic core. More examples: http://www.pickydomains.com/all-domains-picked. PickyDomains is also ready to help you with traffic to your website! For more information please visit http://www.pickydomains.com/client-info. There is nothing to loose for you!

For creative people. Sign up with PickyDomains.com as contributor (it's free). Look for orders. Suggest your ideas according to client wishes. Make it as a brainstorm, write everything what comes to your mind. You never know which idea will meet your client expectations. Be creative and proactive while submitting your ideas. And always remember: statistics works for you - as more you submit, as more possibility you get paid! Keep trying and you will be successful. If your ideas will be chosen by client you will get 25-35 dollars on your PayPal account. In addition if you have your own website or blog you can review PickyDomains and get paid 30 dollars for it! So what you are waiting for? Show your creativity and get paid for it! 
Help people to meet ideas they need, invest your heart and you will definitely get good results! I wish you good luck with it!


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Thanks for sharing this service, never heard of it before but will definitely check it out. I've been creative with choosing my own domains for different ventures so I might as well start earning some money to do it! :0)

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