Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Good habit for success

After reading some of success books and talking to some wise and quite successful people, I found one secret about them. All successful people have one common habit. They may not realize it, but it works well for them. What is it (?) you will ask. It's very simple. They make many contacts! All their life from the childhood till death they choose their environment! There is such Russian saying: You don't need to have hundred rubles (Russian currency), but you do need to have hundred friends! Many people heard about it many times, but never knew how wise it is.
How this habit can affect your life?
Imagine you are a businessman who just started to run his new company. You have supply, but no demand. Where will you find your first customers? Your first clients could be your relatives, friends and friends of friends. If they like your service, they will definitely tell about it to their friends and relatives. So you will get most powerful advertising ("word of mouth") and more clients and all this for free! Having a lot of good contacts can also help you find your bellowed. Between your friends or friends of your friends or their relatives can be your future wife or husband. But the habit of creating friends everywhere can give you even more than that! Just imagine how much gifts you will get on your Birthday... :)
What kind of contacts you need for your success?
You definitely need some successful people between your contacts. It can be businessman or/and self-made person or any other person who succeed in field of your interests, i.e. you need people from whom to learn or who can teach you. Around you should be positive, communicative and wise people. Try to avoid pessimistic and complaining people. They are not the best friends on your way to success.
How to find good contacts?
Your contacts are everywhere: at your work, near to your home (neighbors) and everywhere where you used to be (restaurants, hotels, interest clubs etc.). Even visiting friends in Christmas can bring you new contacts! Just don't be lazy. Your time is your wealth! Of course you can get new contacts all over the world via internet too. Social networks as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. are perfectly made for it!
Be friendly and natural. Care about people you know. Then you never be alone and success will find you!


Julia, you have stressed on the need to have good contacts. Of course though it is one of those important essentials, it is equally necessary to develop one's own attitude and approach to being successful. One has to have a positive attitude in life. What do you say?

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Shasi, you are absolutely right about attitude and approach. To become successful it's not enough just to have good contacts, it takes also certain attitude, approach, mindset and new habits! And positivity in life is a must for sure! Life has ups and downs, but if we keep our positive mind, we will have power to go up again and again!
By the way you have a great content in your blog especially about law of attraction. I think there are some things what i can learn from you!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


Just wanted to say thank you for your useful comments on my site. I think you have a lot of useful information here for me to go through. I have book marked your site.



You are welcome, Stephen! Will be always happy to see you here! New content coming soon...

Best of luck for your site,


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